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NAWAZ IMPEX is a design and manufacturing firm that strives to deliver products a class above all others. Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the disrible.

DESIGN- When practical designs meet pure luxury is not just a slagan, it is our motto. Our design team strives To envision products that exude a certain class while in tune with modern ways of life luxorius choices should not entail inconvenience.

MANUFACTURING- We have gone against modern manufacturing practices and developed a unique strategic And cost advantage when it comes to high quality efficient manufacturing practies. Re writing the indian handicrafts Manufacturing handbook was not our goal but we seem to have done that.

ABOUT US- NAWAZ IMPEX has a unique set up in the handicrafts firm with in house, vertically intregated facilities For processing metal, glass in the same campus. We have continued to upgrade our quality standards And our commitment towards our customers and this has helped us maintain a steady growth rate even when facing adverse conditions in the exporting since 2005. We are situated on moradabad.

VISION- To be india largest export house for providing world class quality handicrafts items ( mainly combination of metal and glass) with aim of increasing employment and growth on every year protecting social & envirmental aspects.

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